About Us

Welcome to Jumbo Pacific Inc. !!!

Jumbo Pacific Inc. is probably one of the largest exporter and manufacturer of fashion accessories, Shell Panels and Shell Tiles in the city of Cebu, Philippines. We proudly present our new manufactured products features with creative, colorful and best quality Shell Panel and Shell Tiles product that is very suitable for Home, Hotels, Offices, Condominiums and also restaurants to give your wall decoration blend with a unique charm.

Our company exists for many years with lots of satisfied customer from different countries. Our customers can select design and even can suggest their own design that will suit their needs.

We have plenty of Shell products that you can choose from. Shell Panels includes Mother of Pearl Capiz, Natural color Capiz and also colored Capiz Panels. All this Shell Panels cut into different sizes, different color combination. We also manufactured Tiles from different type of Shell. Shell Tiles compose of Abalone, Black Agate Shell reveals a unique metallic flashing light that is nice to look at, Blacklip Shell, Blacktab, Brownlip, Capiz, Chamber Shell, Goldlip shell, Hammer Shell, Kabebe Shell, MOP(Mother of Pearl), Paua, Troca, Violet Oyster Shell, Whitelip and also Yellowlip Shell. We made each of this Shell with unique design and style to adorn your offices and etc.

Our company Jumbo Pacific Inc. manufactures quality products from Philippines like Shell Panels, Shell Tiles made from different type of natural Sea Shells. We also manufacture and create your own specifications and design that will suit your needs. Our high standard of making these products is our legacy.